Discount Code and Sales Link

All About Using Your Discount Code

  • I have created your Discount Codeyourcode
  • I have created your Sales Link:

Your Discount Code And Sales Link

You may use either of these methods when sending customers to the site:
  • Tell the customer to enter your Discount Code at checkout
  • Send customers to the site with your Sales Link
Either method will give your customer 5% off of their purchases and track the sale to you when they make a purchase.

Advanced Usage Of The Sales Link

Normal usage of your sales link will send the customer to the store's homepage.
A higher percentage of sales will result if you send the customer directly to a specific collection.
For example, you are posting in a Mother's Day group:
I need help! I am going to buy my mom something inexpensive but really nice. I can't decide which ones to buy, they're all so nice. Can you guys tell me which ones you would buy your mom?
To do this, you must modify your Sales Link by attaching a redirect.
Create the ?redirect= by going to ClickShopper and finding the path to the collection that you want.
The path is the part after the (when you navigate to a collection of products).
Click the link in the example to see how it works.
Always TEST LINKS before you send them to customers!

Make sure that anyone that you send to the site uses your Discount Code or Sales Link so you will get paid!

You are now setup to begin using your sales account at ClickShopper.
You may now start creating Social Media posts or accounts or any other method that you like, and start spreading your sales links.

Feel free to -> CONTACT ME <- if you need help

Roger, President, ClickShopper