Indeed Social Media Sales Team Posting

Basic Information

  • Social Media Sales Team member positions are available
  • Social Media Sales Team members turn social media accounts into money-making machines
  • This is an online position. The location of your residence is not relevant


  • You will develop and apply your social media skills to generate online sales commissions
  • You will use social media, texts, online/print ads, emails and any other methods to generate sales commissions
  • You will use convincing messages, posts, texts, emails, conversations, comments, hashtag combinations, tweets, shares, images, and other online functions to direct traffic to the online store to generate sales commissions

Should You Work For ClickShopper?

  • You want to earn a good income using social media accounts and other online methods
  • You want to be your own boss - work and earn as much or as little as you want to
  • You will be free to work where you want to and when you want to
  • You will be free to develop your own sales strategies and methods

Expected Pay Rate

  • A Social Media Sales Team member can expect to make between $150 - $2000 per week
  • Your commission rate is a percentage of the profit from each sale
  • Your commission rate will increase according to sales volume and skills demonstrated
  • Your commission rate will not be based upon previous work experience

Required Work Experience

  • No specific work experience is required

Required Skills

Social Media Sales Team members must:

  • be able to develop and apply marketing skills with minimal mentoring and assistance
  • be able to use the internet to create and use online accounts
  • be able to work independently with minimal supervision