Sales Agent Reference Materials

Social Media Sales - Basics

A brief discussion of two main principles that drive higher sales: exposure, and desire. Includes Angela's Broken Cellphone example.

Product Images:

Some sales team members have been requesting hi-resolution images to use in their marketing campaigns.

I have programmed a new function into the website and created an explanation of how it works.

Getting a product's Master Images:

Product Updates:

Updates about new products being offered:

Info Section:

A series of blogs will be posted here for reference to help steer your marketing efforts:

Shipping Countries (Blog updates):

The shipping-country-list continues to grow. You may check the blog updates to see about this topic:

OR, you may see the table of shipping countries here (and also from the site Home Page/Menu):

Instagram Marketing Reference:

Social Media Tips & Tricks:

Techniques For Posting Sales Links:

I will be gathering the most productive, fun and creative techniques from our sales team over the coming weeks, and adding them here for you all to see.

New sales team members and veterans alike may find some new techniques here to try out.