Social Media Sales Team - Introduction


This is Roger, President of

The following is a general introduction to the Social Media Sales Team Member positions that are currently available.

We are searching for some dedicated sales people to work in Social Media Sales

    In our test run, the sales team at ClickShopper has demonstrated the effectiveness of using strategic Social Media accounts to generate sales commissions from home.
    • No office or formal workspace is required
    • Social Media Sales Team Members will work online from home

    Using strategic Social Media accounts to generate sales income

    You do not need a lot of computer experience to get started. This position does require a lot of patience and creativity.
    Successful Social Media Sales Team members must:
    • be able to learn quickly
    • be capable of identifying what is working for them
    • be willing to adjust their tactics as needed
    Assistance will be available for you as you get started if you require it.

    Successful candidates will prove themselves through Social Media sales, be given increasing commission rates, and possibly be offered a staff position in Marketing and Sales.

    Further information about Social Media Sales Team Member positions:

    Roger, President, ClickShopper