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Welcome to the Social Media Sales Team!

I have intentionally left the job description for our Social Media Sales Team quite loosely defined. I do not want to poison the creativity of our sales team by forcing them to do their sales in a certain way.
At ClickShopper, I used to do all of the sales and marketing. Customers would go directly to the company accounts on Social Media and/or be sent to the online store.
After I recruited sales team members to do the sales, I removed all of the company social media accounts, so as to not compete with my salespeople. That allowed them greater flexibility to promote the site and/or it's products, without losing their sales to the company accounts.
The sales team is now doing all of the sales on social media, ads, texts, emails and other creative formats. That is why I created ClickShopper - to create jobs for people that want to work online from home.
Now, as to the training, as one might call it, I would define it more as tutoring. Most likely, as you get started, you will need some guidance and ideas on what to do. My goal is for you to succeed. I will help you if and when you need it.
I have many people doing sales, but I still enjoy tutoring the serious ones. If you take your work seriously and put in the effort, you will achieve your earnings potential. Most of our sales agents are putting in great efforts and achieving excellent sales volumes. They are earning an excellent income.
I am creating a reference section for Social Media Sales Team members on the store website. You now have access to that. There are some ideas in there from what other members are using to generate high sales.

Please follow the information link to get started:

Roger, President, ClickShopper